A View of the Pavilion, Steyne and Promenade, Brighton, in 1805


A lithograph published by Gavin Pocock, June 1849, and sold for the benefit of the Brighton Dispensary Building Fund.

This lithograph is taken from the larger aquatint engraving of 1806, obviously a very popular publication, the sales of which could stand being republished some forty years later.

The Prince of Wales is the tallest figure, on the bay horse to the right, and beside him on the grey is Major Bloomfield, the Prince’s aide. Far left, the lady just this side of the railings is Martha Gunn, the famous Brighton ‘dipper’ (an operator of the bathing machines used by women bathers). Other portraits include the Duke of Grafton, the Earl of Berkeley, the Earl of Craven, William Dalrymple and Sir John Lade. On the right is Donaldson’s Circulating Library which opened in 1806 on the southern corner of what was to become St James’s Street. There had been a library and bookseller on the site since 1760. The Prince of Wales appointed Donaldson as his bookseller and librarian.

Images of Brighton 396i with the original aquatint being illustrated on page 32

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Old Steine. Donaldson's Library (Lucombe's Library)

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