Search tips

If you want to use the ‘search’ box and are looking for a particular picture or a picture of a specific place, start with short, concise common sense search terms like  ‘Kemptown’ or ‘Grant’ or ‘St Nicholas’.

Bear in mind that if you add general words like ‘street’ or ‘square’ to your search term you may get several results which include the general word but are not relevant to your search.

All the images have numbers allocated to them beginning BPC (e.g. BPC00396). Hover over most of the images on the site to reveal the image number – entering this number in the search box or clicking on the image will often bring up the full entry.

Other ways to find an image

Sometimes searches don't give the result you are looking for. It is hard, for example, to find images of places whose names are composed wholly of words commonly used throughout the site like 'North Street' or 'Regency Square' or 'beach'.  You sometimes get lots of irrelevant results if you are looking for something in particular.

Fortunately there are several alternative approaches: 

About the image pages

Every image on this website has its own page. 

Each image page contains the image, the image number, text about the image and, wherever this makes sense, a map showing the location.  Sometimes it will include information about other images of the same subject.