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Detail, showing Regency Square as it opens into King’s Road, from the Panorama of the West Cliff of Brighton seafront. An aquatint engraving by A Edington after A H Wilds, published by W H Mason, Ship Street, 1833. The Panorama illustrated the seafront from Ship Street to Adelaide Terrace. The complete publication, nearly 15 feet long, was issued under the title: To Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, This Panorama is by Permission most Gratefully and Humbly Dedicated.

This detail shows Queensbury Place to the east of Regency Square, and on the western corner of the square is St Alban House. This is the present site of the Regency Restaurant, but a blue plaque notes the earlier building was St Alban House, the home of Harriot Mellon between 1830 and her death in 1837. Harriot was an illegitimate daughter among a group of travelling actors, but remarkably, married Thomas Coutts, the founder of the famous bank. On his death in 1822 she inherited his entire estate, with 50% of Coutts Bank, making her one of the richest women in Europe. In 1827 she married the 9th Duke of St Albans. He needed her money and she enjoyed his title. She had several homes in London, and St Alban House in Brighton.

Regency Square.

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