View of the Marine Pavilion, Brighthelmstone


Aquatint engraving by John Wells after Richard Paine. Published by Paine, 1 August 1792.

This is a view of Henry Holland’s early Pavilion. There are 32 known views of this building, of which all but one are viewing it from the Steine, as is this print. On the left is Louis Weltje’s home and Grove House is on the right margin. The classical figures around the central rotunda were taken down sometime between 1801 and 1804. Also clearly shown is the ha-ha separating the Prince’s private garden from the Steine grassland.

Louis Weltje was the Prince’s general agent who arranged the lease and then the purchase of the original farmhouse from the Kemp family. Weltje’s home was on the Pavilion estate immediately to the south of Holland’s Pavilion. Weltje died in 1807.

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