Cuff & Strachan. Old Ship Hotel Brighton


Lithograph c1837. No artists or publisher named. Printed by L M Lefevre, Newman Street, London.

In A Peep into the Past: Brighton in the Olden Time J G Bishop wrote: ‘From an early period The Old Ship was the “business” house of the town; the most important town meetings, property sales, etc. taking place there’. ‘The subject of incorporating the town was first mooted at a meeting . . . in 1806, and there, in 1809, the plan of a harbour for Brighton was also considered’. The vestry meeting that decided to build a new church (St. Peter’s) was also held there in March 1823.

Cuff and Strachan owned the hotel when the lithograph was published.

Illustrated in Old Brighton Old Preston Old Hove by Frederick Harrison and James North. 44 Market Street, Brighton, 1937, p 75.

Also illustrated in J.G. Bishop’s A Peep into the Past: Brighton in the Olden Time, published by Bishop, 1892 (the second edition), opposite p 189.


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