North-East View of Brighton from the top of the Old Church


A close-up view of Wykeham Terrace from this image is available here

Lithograph by J Newman, published by W Grant, News Agent, 5 Castle Square, c1850. The original watercolour is in the British Museum.

This lithograph was published by Grant, c1850, as a pair to the West View of Brighton from the top of the Old Church (BPC00454). They are both views taken from the tower of St. Nicholas Church. As a pair of prints they were obviously popular in the 1850s as within ten years they were republished by H Holden, a stationer of St. George’s Road, Brighton. Unfortunately, because one was of Clifton Terrace and the other of Wykeham, they were usually separated, and a pair together has not appeared on the Brighton print market for decades. There are no Victorian engravings of Wykeham Terrace as a discrete subject; it appears in the background of small views of St. Nicholas (see BPC00347 and BPC00349), then this larger view from the tower is the most comprehensive depiction. On the left of the picture, just beyond the graveyard, can be seen the upper part of Church Street, and in the middle distance the Dome and Pavilion are clearly visible. On the right-hand horizon is the Town Hall, and just left of that is the Chain Pier.

Illustrated in Old Brighton: A Collection of Prints, Paintings and Drawings by Eileen Hollingdale. George Nobbs Publishing, 1979, p 113.

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