A Perspective View of the Steyne at Brighthelmstone, in the year 1778, from the South End


A lithograph, no artist mentioned, published c1849, after the larger line engraving by Peter Mazell after John Donowell (see BPC00490). In the original Donowell engraving, the key numbers are 1 to 12, and in this lithographic copy the key numbers are 1-10.

The unnumbered house on the far left is Steine House, the home of Mr & Mrs Richard Scrase, the original manor house of Brighton, bought by the Scrase family in 1771. A Dr Hall purchased the house in 1801; he built three houses on the adjoining stables which later became the site of the Royal York Hotel. On the right of the picture, just beside the library (number 7) is the classical rotunda which is The Orchestra, listed as number 6 in the index, but not numbered in the print itself. The view is looking north from Russell House.

Illustrated in:

The Old Ship: A Prospect of Brighton by Raymond Flower. Croom Helm, 1986, p 36.

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Donowell’s original drawing for this scene was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1778. It was also illustrated in Brighton Revealed: Through Artists’ Eyes c1760-c1960 published by the Royal Pavilion, Art Gallery and Museums, Brighton, 1995, p 50.

Images of Brighton 335i and illustrated on page 31.

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