Fishermen returning to Brighton

Comte after Philip James de Loutherbourg(1740 – 1811). Published by de Loutherbourg and sold by V. & R. Green, Bedford Square, London. July 1 1797. The pair to ‘Fishermen going on board at Worthing’.  Republished in de Loutherbourg’s ‘Picturesque Scenery of Great Britain’ in 1801 and again in 1808. The republished title was ‘Brighthelmstone, fishermen Returning’.  (it’s interesting that in the first edition of 1797 he refers to Brighton, but in the 2nd edition of 1801 he calls the town Brighthelmstone)

Loutherbourg was born in Strasbourg in 1740 and moving to Paris quickly established himself in the fashionable society there as a painter of landscapes, sea-storms and battles. In 1771 he settled in London where David Garrick paid him £500 pa to set design at Drury Lane Theatre. His work was much admired by Joshua Reynolds.
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