South view of the Chalybeate Spring, Brighton


Drawn and lithographed by J Rouse. From The Beauties and Antiquities of Sussex, 1825.

The paper has the ‘J Whatman’ watermark, lower right.

The view is looking south-west towards the sea, over land on which York Road, Brunswick Road and Cambridge Road were later built. The large house in the distance is Long Barn House, the home of Mr W Rigden, and beside that is Long Barn Cottage, home of the famous Lillywhite cricketing family. The cottage is illustrated in J G Bishop’s A Peep into the Past: Brighton in the Olden Time (the second edition of 1892 and illustrated opposite page 393) which shows some Lillywhite children playing cricket in front. Bishop’s topographical description of this part of Hove is on page 390 where he writes that all the building was on the side of Brighton, and here (Hove) the ‘straw did not begin to move until about 1850. On August 4th of that year the first house in York-road, at the south-east corner of the Western-road field was commenced . . . . and bye and bye a new church, dedicated to St. Patrick, was erected in Cambridge road by the Rev. Dr. O’Brien’. Bishop notes that the Lillywhite’s cottage is where Wilbury Road now stands, in Hove. Writing in 1892, Bishop omits the fact that the church in Cambridge Road was originally built by the Irish-born priest Dr James O’Brien as St James’s; it became St Patrick’s and St James’s in 1865 and finally just St Patrick’s in 1868.

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