The Pavilion in 1788


The Castle Tavern is shown on the left, Grove House on the right.

This shows Grove House, just on the northern edge of the Pavilion Estate, but when the Duke of Marlborough sold his first house, overlooking the Steine, and purchased Grove House, it too became known as Marlborough House. The Prince bought this house in 1812, and demolishing it enabled him to extend the Pavilion northwards.

This is from the illustration in The Brighton Pavilion and its Royal and Municipal Associations by John George Bishop, the 11th edition, published in 1903. This scene was also used as the frontispiece for the presentation copy when this book was first published in 1875, but there it is titled The Pavilion in 1791 and there is no engraving in the sky.

Architect: Henry Holland.

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Both images of the Castle Tavern:

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Royal Pavilion

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