View of Pennant Lodge & New Villa from the Public Park


Lithograph by T Way, London, c1840.

Pennant Lodge was in Queen’s Park. The Brighton & Hove Directory of 1845, under the Queen’s Park entry, lists Thomas Attree first, then Lady Emma Pennant as the occupant. By the 1850 directory she is no longer listed. From, in the 1841 census list, Lady Emma Pennant (aged 36) is living in Hakes Hotel, Duke Street, Marylebone, London, with her 12 year-old daughter, also named Emma. By the 1854 directory the two residents of Queen’s Park are Thomas Attree again and Charles Freshfield. Carder (entry 138) lists Pennant Lodge at No: 30, but now called the Queen’s Park Villa. Having been used as a nursing home, it was refurbished in 1985 and is now offices. The villa’s stable, at the rear, is now a cottage. Presumably Charles Freshfield bought the house from Lady Emma. He also gave his name to a number of new roads in the area.

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Queen's Park, North Drive

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