Wreck of the Atlantique of Nantes, at Brighton


Wood engraving from the Illustrated London News – 16th June 1860.

From a sketch by R.H. Nibbs. The Atlantique ran aground on the beach just off the Albion Hotel, seen on the right of the print. Just at the base of the hotel image can be seen the double archway entrance to the driveway – the Pier Esplanade – that led to the Chain Pier. The fencing and figures in the foreground must be on the Pier Esplanade. Just beside the double archway is the toll booth for the Chain Pier access. On the right-hand edge of the print are three bathing machines. Nantes was, and still is, an important port at the mouth of the River Loire on the French Atlantic Seaboard. Presumably the vessel had attempted landing its cargo, and possibly passengers, on the Chain Pier, or had done so and was caught in a storm when leaving the Pier.

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Old Steine. Russell House and Albion Hotel

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