Close-up of BPC00449: Bird’s eye View of Brighton, From the New Church, at the Entrance of the Town. Including the Marine Palace of Her Majesty Victoria the First

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Aquatint, drawn, engraved and published by John Bruce, 1839. On the sign of the Gloucester Hotel is the owner’s name, Maxfield, who bought the hotel in January 1839. Prior to him, the owner was Brierly, whose name appears in some copies of this print. The image was re-engraved as a small steel engraving by J. Newman, c1850 (see BPC00450).

Details of this image can be found in BPC00446, BPC00447 and BPC00448.

Illustrated in Brighton, Old Ocean’s Bauble by Edmund W. Gilbert. Methuen, 1954. Illustrated opposite page 109.

Also illustrated in Georgian Brighton by Sue Berry. Phillimore, 2005. Illustrated on page 128.

Also illustrated in Brave New City: Brighton & Hove Past, Present, Future by Anthony Seldon. Pomegranate Press, 2002. Illustrated on page 40.

Also illustrated in Old Brighton: A Collection of Prints, Paintings and Drawings by Eileen Hollingdale. George Nobbs Publishing, 1979. Illustrated on page 31.

Images of Brighton 39 and illustrated on page 25


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