Detail of The Queens Hotel taken from ‘Fish Market on the Beach, Brighton – from the sea’

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Steel engraving by T Jeavons after George Atwick. Published by W Grant, 5 Castle Square, Brighton. Images of Brighton puts a circa 1865 date to this print, but it was one of a series commissioned by Grant in December 1847.

The tall building is the Queen’s Hotel, and the pitched roof to the left is Knight & Mahomed’s hot & cold salt baths. The Queen’s Hotel was built and named in 1846; its facade was reconstructed in 1908 to assist the assimilation of the next door hotel, Markwell’s, which had been constructed in 1870. Markwell’s had taken over the site of Sake Deen Mahomed’s shampoo and vapour baths.

Illustrated in Old Brighton: A Collection of Prints, Paintings and Drawings by Eileen Hollingdale. George Nobbs Publishing, 1979, p 65.

Whole print is Images of Brighton 17


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