Hove Church from the sea


Steel plate line engraving by C.J. Smith after Thomas Henwood and published in the Rev. Horsfield’s ‘History of Sussex’ 1835. This print has a watermark of 1834.

Judy Middleton in ‘A History of Hove’ (Phillimore 1979) writes that in the 1580s St. Andrew’s church was described as ‘ in such decaye that we are not able to amende it’. However it was made serviceable, although much smaller, by bricking across the spaces. It is this state of the church in this print. It was rebuilt, under the direction of the architect George Basevi by 1836, at a cost of £2,000. The large building on the left is the Old Coast Guard House, built in the 1830s. It was an important position as a great deal of smuggling went on in this part of the coast, with the church used as a store for smuggled goods, hence the proximity of the Coast Guard. The building was owned by the Royal Ordnance and referred to as Barrack Grounds.

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Church Road. Saint Andrews Church Hove

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