Brighton, From The Sea


Wood engraving from the Illustrated London News of 15 February 1845. The large central building is the Albion Hotel (the title ‘Royal’ was given to the hotel after the owner, Sir Harry Preston, entertained the Duke of Windsor, when Prince of Wales, shortly after Sir Harry purchased it in 1913). Left of the Albion is the Adelphi Hotel, further left the smaller building is the Pool Valley Bun Shop, then behind the front buildings can be seen the pediment of the Town Hall. Immediately to the right of the Albion, indistinctly set back, is Mrs Fitzherbert’s house, designed by the architect of the Pavilion Stables, William Porden. It was refronted in 1884 for the YMCA. The building with the central pediment, before the Pavilion, is the retail and residential terrace on the corner of Castle Square which replaced the Castle Hotel in 1824. A bank now stands on that site, the terrace itself having been demolished in 1930.

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